KUBIK. The App for shared gifts.

Forget about advance moneyand organize it by yourself


To make good gifts and plans among buddies…

and pay for them together.


Don’t advance money, don’t go crazy Enjoy life and share it.


How does it work?



a gift

Search by category and select the one that best matches your colleagues.



Decide how many you want to share.

Set a minimum and a maximum and the price will be the one you want.



your people to accept the payment.

Your friends receive the invitation to the kubo with all the description and when they accept the charge they pay their part.


The more you are

The less you pay.

When the minimum number of people you have set is reached you can pay or wait to reduce the price further.

Who has friends, has everything.

Make group gifts and save.


Don’t put money in advance, don’t pay more, set your own rules and have it all.

A good gift in two clicks

and you forget about everything

and also Kubik is free of charge.

hero gifts

Download Kubik App

And let no one tell us what we should dream about.

We are closeto launch the App

Sign up and we will let you know so you can download it. If you are one of the first 1,000 we will treat you “specially” well. 🙂


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