Frequently Asked Questions

About Kubik

What is KUBIK?

Kubik is a revolutionary app and we say this because we are sure that it will change many things, especially from the inside, from the head of each of our users because it will show us that together we can achieve what we set out to do.

It is a payment manager, but it goes beyond that. It is an app to share expenses, but it goes beyond that. It is an app that connects people with common interests, and those interests are the ones that move us all: to be happier.

Stop philosophizing and explain to me what is Kubik?

Kubik is a collaborative management app that allows you to split and share the expenses of anything, whether it’s a Netflix account or a van, through collaborative Kubos that you share with your trusted circles it facilitates the management and automation of collections so you can have it all.

How does it work?

In 4 steps, kubik works like this:

  1. Decide what you want to have. (A beach house, a van, a surfboard, all subscriptions, a shared gift)
  2. Choose who you want to have it with. (Two friends, your girlfriend, the guys at work, the guys on your team, your cousin)
  3. Create your own rules. (split dates, talk about usage, passwords, terms of use)
  4. Decide how you are going to pay for it and manage it. (Every month, once a year, only one payment)

Spend less. Consume less. Have it all.

Kubik automates collections, manages the use of what you want to share and makes life easier for you to enjoy it.

What is it for?

To share expenses and pay less.
To automate collections
To avoid wasting, or spending for the sake of spending.
To make a gift among several people and make it easy
To make profitable what you don’t use
To rent a house and pay for it a quarter of the price.
To buy a van and pay half price for it
To avoid having to ask the bank for anything
To make things easier for you
To save you and all your colleagues, but you first.
To have what you want and share it with whoever you like
To scare away freeloaders and those sons ofxxxx who do not pay what they owe.
To change everything, starting with the way we consume.
To have a van or a boat or a small plane or…
To stop dreaming and make it come true
To automate collections, payments, rules, calendars, purchases…
To avoid asking for money from those who owe it to you
To get everything, or at least what you want
To realize that together we can achieve more.
For those who are not satisfied being told that they can’t
To avoid having to choose between surfing and snowboarding
To have a home in the mountain and at the beach
To manage a great plan in 2 clicks
To organize a trip among several
To make a weekend canister
To own a boat and stop dreaming about it.
To have all subscriptions and pay as if you had only 3


What's behind KUBIK?

The idea of doing something big.
Everyone has friends, or relatives, or partners, and also everyone wants to have things they can’t afford, that’s the way it is. It’s simple, let’s put these two variables together and we have the solution.


How can you have everything and have it at a very low price?

If we have people around us we can share with them lots of things, it is as simple as start a dialogue and being open about it.
Think of something you want to have, like a van. Think about how long you would use it during the year and the workshop and upgrade costs you will incur. Now think of someone you know, or a friend of a friend, who you think might like that same plan. Well, approach him with the proposal and talk to him about paying half for something that everyone else is paying twice as much for. Choose that person well, that’s the key. We can’t help you there, that’s up to you. Where we can help you is to manage the payment and use of that van. We can help you with the automation of payments, with the date division, with the notifications of insurance or workshop payments, we can do many things for you so you can enjoy that van and with the money you save you can buy some surfboards and camperize it.
Kubik is an app, but it is also a way of thinking. Kubik’s way of thinking is thinking in a more sustainable way.
Split costs and share life!

I am a brand. How can I collaborate with you?

That’s easy. Contact

About the App

I can't access Kubik, what can I do?

What you need is an Android or Apple cell phone, a number and the downloaded App. Kubik downloaded to your mobile. You can register using your cell phone number and your name, then you will receive an SMS to accept and you’re in. If you have any additional problem please send us an email to Contact Kubik

What can I share inside Kubik?

You can share whatever you want within the laws of the country you are in, of course.

How much does it cost?

Kubik is free and will always be free. Today we must charge the commissions that stripe charges us but if you do the math and add up these stripe commissions what you pay is much less than what you would pay on your own.

Who do I contact if I have a big problem?

Send us an e-mail to and our particular wolf lord will attend your message.

What if I have problems with what I share?

Kubik is an intermediary and tries to make it easy for people to join, set their own rules and share. It is not Kubik’s responsibility if a user violates the Kubo rules.