We are hiring.

We are looking for bright people in business, technology and analytics, working together to build the tools that will transform the way we consume.

We are on an ongoing journey to build this team and are always looking for people who share our goals and passion for technology.

Why Kubik?

  • We are small but we will be VERY big

    Now you could put a face to all of us but in the future we will be like an army ready to change the world. Don’t look at us, join us!

  • We will change things and, along the way, ourselves.

    We want to build value and a tool that is what our audience wants and needs. We will change ourselves as many times as necessary to change the world.

  • We don’t want workers, we want a team.

    We have never had bosses and we don’t want to be. We are looking for a team, with roles, dependencies and responsibilities. Here there is no whip and no inherited rules.

  • No hours, no office, work at ease and that’s it.

    We have a schedule but you can change it, we have an office but you can work from the beach. We believe that the happier you are the better team we will have.

Sharing is our motto

At Kubik, we are very ambitious, we like challenges.

We are a daring team, unafraid to do things differently. We have irreverent communication and we love to break the mold.

Responsibility, dedication, effort and commitment are the words that define us and the values we look for in the people who join us.

But we believe in flexibility, autonomy and freedom so that everyone can organize themselves and be fully responsible for their work, giving the best of ourselves.


These are the job offers we have active at the moment.

If you like the idea of working with us, write us an email at

Full Stack Developer Junior

As a Full-stack Developer Jr, at Kubik, you will find a friendly, collaborative and quality-driven environment where you will be proud of the people you work with and face challenges as a team.