An app toorganize dinners

Dinners at home, a picnic or whatever you want…

An app toorganize dinners

Dinners at home, a picnic or whatever you want…

Stop advancing money on dinners with your friends.


Forget about loosing money by inviting your friends and chasing people to ask them for the money they owe you.


With Kubik you can easily organize dinners. Everyone pays their part, automate payments and that’s it!


How does it work?


You create a kubo

It’s free, easy and fast.

You put a name, a photo and personalize it as you wish.


Add the description of the dinner

And the rules, that’s what you organize it for.

Your buddieswill put their part. No forgetfulness nor complaints!


You invite people

and split the price.

The kubo has to be completed with the indicated number of people. If they don’t accept it quickly, move on to the next one.

Share with your friends, your family, your colleagues…

Kubik is a friends & family platform.



the pay day and the conditions.

You will have all the dinner information inside your Kubo.

You receive the corresponding money in your account.

You will no longer have an excuse to see your friends more. Organizes Kubik dinners.

To see you more, pay less and focus on enjoying yourself.

It is easy to use

you avoid problems

and also Kubik is free of charge.


How many people can we fit in a kubo?

You can invite as many people as you want as long as they fit in the space where you are going to organize the dinner.

How does Kubo pricing work?

The price of the Kubo is fixed and unchangeable. Once you create it, it will be divided by the number of people you invite to the Kubo. Regardless of the people who accept the price will remain the same. So you can invite more people until the Kubo is full and you pay the stipulated amount per person.

For example, if you have a dinner party at home for 6 people and you want each person to pay 10€, the price of the Kubo will be 60€. If they accept only 3, the €60 is divided between the Kubo members + the Kubo leader, which in this case would be 4 people/€15 per person. But you can send the invitation to other people to complete the Kubo and thus pay each one the amount stipulated by the leader from the beginning.

Who organizes the dinners?

Dinners can be organized by anyone, especially with Kubik, which is very simple. The idea of this initiative is that each time a different person organizes it and that you see more of your friends and share more experiences with them.

How often are dinners organized?

You can do it whenever you want and as often as you want. There is no obligation to come back to Kubik, but there is always a desire to get together!

Where are the dinners held?

The dinners can be held wherever you want: at home, in a local, in a garden, in a neighbor’s house… you choose but without getting into trouble because we know each other.

How are the dinners?

Use your imagination. You can have themed dinners, costume dinners, tapas contests, play games, organize a live cluedo, board game night… Whatever you want!

What role does Kubik play in these dinners?

Kubik makes it easy for you to organize dinners, so you don’t have to advance money or ask your friends for the money they owe you a month after making the dinner and end up giving up and losing money. In addition, you will have all the information about the dinner in the Kubo and if you are the organizer you will not have to have thousands of conversations by whatsapp to clarify doubts to each guest. In the Kubo you can put the address of the place where the dinner will be held, what is the dress code, what to bring, who is going to the dinner, the schedule and everything you want. Kubik makes it easy to get together with your friends. What are you waiting for to celebrate your Kubik dinners?

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