An app tochildren's gifts

To make gifts for the kids without getting hit by the Whatsapp group.

An app to giftschildren's

Giving gifts to the little ones has never been so easy.

Stop forward money


Forget about going after people asking to get paid.


Kubik takes care of everything so that you can just enjoy the children’s smile when they see the gift.


How does it work?


You create a kubo

It’s free, easy and fast.

You put a name, a photo and personalize it as you wish.


Add what you want to give

Whatever the child is most excited about.

The rest will pay when you decide. No delays and no claims!


You invite people

and split the price.

Share with the parents of your child’s friends, with your friends…

You can also paste the link in the “class first A” group.


No more stress when a birthday approaches.

So as not to give useless things that remain in a trunk and to make good gifts spending little.

It is easy to use

you save problems

and also Kubik is free of charge.

hero gifts

Download Kubik App

In Apple Store or Google Play. If you are one of the first 1000 we will treat you “specially” well.

We are closeto launch the App

Sign up and we will let you know so you can download it. If you are one of the first 1,000 we will treat you “specially” well. 🙂


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