An app tohave it all

Pay less to get more.

An app tohave it all

Don’t choose, have it all.

To share expenses,pay less and have more


We pay a lot for what we use little.

Why should you choose, when you can have it all?


With Kubik share whatever you want. Make it safe and easy.


How does it work?


You create a kubo

It’s free, easy and fast.

You put a name, a photo and personalize it as you wish.


Add what you want

House, van, surfboard rentals…

Your buddies will put their part every month. No forgetfulness nor complaints!


You invite people

and split the price.

Share with your friends, your family, your colleagues…

Kubik is a friends & family platform.


Automates charges, dates and terms of use.

To have everything you’ve always dreamed of paying only a part of it.

It is easy to use,

you have more paying less

and also Kubik is free of charge.

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Download Kubik App

In Apple Store or Google Play. If you are one of the first 1000 we will treat you “specially” well.

We are closeto launch the App

Sign up and we will let you know so you can download it. If you are one of the first 1,000 we will treat you “specially” well. 🙂


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