Let no one tell us what we shoulddream

Kubik is a tool that was born to change things, and that phrase guides our steps since we started with this.

What is KUBIK?

Kubik is born to change everything, but we do not pursue a revolution but our evolution.

It is a new form of payment, but it goes beyond that; It is a tool to manage shared expenses, but it goes beyond that; It is a technology that unites people with common interests, and those interests move us all: to be happier.

Life is more enjoyable if you share it.

We want to change things, starting with the way of thinking that prevents us from going further, sharing more and knowing that we are stronger together. It is not the one who has the most who is happiest, but the one who enjoys the most what he has. Because let’s not fool ourselves, happiness is not in material things, but if you have what you want and also enjoy it with people who are worth it, then we get closer to being happier.

This is what is really behind KUBIK and the force that has made us get this far is the dream of making this something common for many people. We want to convey an idea that has been with us all along the way. Why settle, why not get together, why wait for tomorrow?


Our life is here and now. Welcome!

Our history

Twenty-six years ago, three 15-year-olds lived in the same apartment building. We were passionate about computers, games and technology. At that time the first computers arrived in Spain, specifically the Amstrad CPC. It was expensive and we could not afford it. However, we came up with the idea of asking our parents to buy us just one and we would share it. Our parents gave in to the proposal and for years we divided the weeks so that we could all play with that computer. We were able to have it and enjoy it the three of us together and that lesson has been with us ever since.

Today we no longer live in the same staircase but we are still close and still share many things. Not only a great friendship, but also a small cottage, a house on the beach, a van, diving equipment, snowboarding equipment, insurance, subscriptions, expenses….. We enjoy sharing our free time, we have what we want and we spend a third of it.

Kubik is that initiative that we had with 15 years but has transformed into the ambitious idea of creating the shared payment. We can defer purchases, we can borrow from the bank, we can pay by bizum, by paypal or even with cryptos but there is no easy and secure way to pay among several. Does it not exist because they do not want it to exist or because it is difficult to create it? Whatever the reason, we are already well on our way to achieving it.

When we can pay in this way we will start consuming in a more efficient and responsible way. We will stop piling things in garages and we will share them, we will stop complaining about not having a house on the beach and we will rent it among several people.

Those same three kids made the decision to quit our jobs, pool our savings and ask our friends for money to turn this from a simple idea into a technology capable of helping us go further. Now we share a future and a dream of creating something that brings people together.

We started with a simple app for sharing payments, but only a future as uncertain as the one that awaits us knows how far this idea will go.

Kubik is born today.


Stop philosophizing and explain to me

What is Kubik really?

Kubik is a technology based on a complex payment algorithm that allows you to split and share payments for anything, whether it’s a Netflix account, an apartment rental or the purchase of a van. But Kubik is also that button that many e-commerce will soon have and will offer the user the possibility to split a purchase or a rental. Don’t you hate having to pay for your colleagues’ plane tickets so that you can travel together? Doesn’t it bother you to pay for your colleague’s gift and then have to ask others for the money? Wouldn’t you like to easily buy a powerboat with your cousin and then split the dates of use? That’s it. Kubik, too, is that tool that keeps you from having to go through these examples.

How does it work?

  • Decide what you want to have.
  • Choose who you want to have it with.
  • Design your own rules of use and payment.
  • Enjoy.

Simple, safe, fun. It allows you to have more for less… and the big companies like Airbnb, booking, or wible, will finally be able to offer that something that is used among several can be paid among several.

Kubik is the future, we know it. If your intuition as a good investor has been activated when you met us, write to us and be part of the future: inversión@kubik.app


Kubik splits payments and automates collections, manages the use of what you want to share and makes life easier for you to enjoy it.